Yo-Yoing isn’t fun and neither is a gluten allergy

I know yesterday was Friday and I’d usually recap my food/exercise for the day, but I’m saving that for Monday’s weekend roundup. See you Monday morning for those results. BUT onto other matters.

Now that I’ve told you about my running past, I feel it’s time to dive into my yo-yoing body and what’s been up with my diet over the years.
From 3-16 years old, I was a competitive dancer in tap, jazz, and ballet. Dancing 5 times a week sometimes for 3 hours a night afforded me the ability to eat whatever I wanted, and whenever I wanted. Upon moving to Virginia when I was 17, I quit dance but continued to eat like I was a dancer. This caused me to gain a lot of weight in HS to the tune of 200lbs. 
2000 at 200lbs
2000 at 200lbs my heaviest weight
After some harsh reality kicked in, I decided to do Weight Watchers in 2004 (when they had the original point system) and lost about 50lbs in 4 months. Pretty successful I’d say!
2004 after losing 50lbs
In 2006 I gained back 30lbs and didn’t really care about my fitness needs.
2006 after gaining 30lbs
Then in 2007 I lost the 30lbs I gained and was finally in a size 6 pant. That made me extremely happy! I maintained this weight through 2012/2013. 
2007 (San Diego) after losing 30lbs
2010 (Cozumel)


In 2013 I decided to do the 17 Day Diet and lost a good amount of weight and inches in the 17 days which put me at the smallest I’ve ever been since my dancing days. I loved the diet, but since I didn’t like fish at the time, the only protein I could eat for every meal was chicken. I now am unable to eat a lot of chicken without gagging. The diet was VERY successful though, and I do recommend it. I felt amazing at this weight/size and kept up with my fitness momentum till mid 2014. 
2013 (Alaska) my smallest weight
2013 (San Francisco) my smallest weight
2013 (Alaska) my smallest weight
2013 (San Diego) my smallest weight
As I said yesterday, 2014 was very hard on me mentally and physically. The stress of losing a long term boyfriend, my home, and my job security left me bruised and emotionally depleted. I ended up getting strep 4 times in 2 months, being placed on 7 rounds of antibiotics and having my tonsils removed Dec 31st 2014 (Happy new year to me, right?!)
Step again for the 4th time
Getting ready for surgery
Prepping for tonsil surgery
Tonsil removal for an adult is MUCH harder than it is for a child and I was out of work for a month. For the first week, I was only able to manage 400 calories a day. Anything more than that was just too much work with the pain and amount of sleeping I was doing. My body didn’t lose a single pound during the 400 calorie a day week. I thought that was very strange. The rest of my month of recovery was around the 1100 calorie a day range and still no budge in my weight. Not that I was trying to lose weight at that time, but it was weird that nothing was happening on the scale. Also during this time I noticed hives on my thighs and hands every night. I attributed it to stress.
Recovering from surgery and in pain
My weight continued to rise through 2015 even with all my running.

In 2016 I gained 10 more pounds. The hives were getting worse, but I had a REALLY stressful job at the time and the doctor explained that was the reason why. Without testing of course.

2016 (Havasu Falls AZ)
2016 (South Africa)

In 2017 I gained 5 more on top of that. I felt I was eating around the 1300 calorie a day range but nothing was happening. I exercised too. I went for a physical in July and had everything test. Thyroid was fine, and everything was normal. My doctor talked to me about the effects antibiotics have on your system and that one round of antibiotics can affect gut health for up to 7 years. SEVEN YEARS. Strep alone, I was on 7 antibiotics in 2 months. That’s already 49 years of potential gut issues. Not to mention the other antibiotics I’ve been on before that. She said that changes in gut health can cause autoimmune diseases or intolerances/allergies that you didn’t have before. She asked to do an allergy panel to see what may be causing the hives and weight gain. My insurance is ridiculous and I couldn’t afford it, so instead she asked that I do an elimination diet: preferably Whole 30.

2017 (Baltimore)

Whole 30 is a diet that removes any and all inflammatory foods and sugars for 30 days. It rests the gut enough so that after 30 days, you reintroduce each food group one at a time to see what affects you have from it. It was really tough but I stuck it out so I wouldn’t have to pay for an allergy panel. Incentive at it’s best! At the end of my 30 days I was 10 pounds lighter, something I had been unable to lose for awhile. The swelling in my legs were gone, the hives were gone, and I felt my taste buds were enhanced without all the sugar added into things. I introduced milk products and found I was lactose intolerant to milk and yogurt but not cheese. I was lactose intolerant as a child so this made sense. There are lactase pills anyways, so no issue there. However, the big finding was that when I introduced gluten, I got hives for 3 days following. The hives were the culprit for sure. 

20 minutes after eating gluten 

Living gluten free is not entirely easy. Especially road trips where fast food is ALWAYS containing gluten. It’s hard for holiday functions, work parties, get togethers and just nights when you really craving mozzarella sticks (a vice of mine). If I must indulge, I now get hives within 20 min of eating. Chris has said he’s amazed at watching my hives pop up. I try not to eat too much gluten, but when I do cave I just suck up the itchiness I will endure. However, most weeks I live a gluten free lifestyle. Luckily lots of good products and recipes are out there since more allergies are popping up. Antibiotics the problem too maybe? While I did lose the 10 pounds on Whole 30, I have been unable to lose more. Another reason for this blog, to post my calorie intake and exercise habits and really evaluate where the problem is in my diet to cause the plateau. Hopefully something changes but it definitely is nice to not have hives every night!

My weight as of Jan 2018


Post some comments. I wanna know….

Do you have any food allergies? What happens if you eat that?

What’s your go to diet?

Do you have any tattoos?

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