Weekend recap + Monday Meal Prep!

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s do a quick recap of the weekend.

First a little side info: Back in September, I got a hernia. Marvel was spayed and couldn’t walk up the stairs. I would carry her (65lbs) up to bed several times a day for a few days. I guess I was lifting her improperly because I got a hernia and had it pushed back in. Well, Thursday, during my weight training session, it somehow popped back out. Yea…not fun! I was doing semi ok though.


I SHOULD have woke at 5am to do my run. Shoulda woulda coulda. I didn’t though.

When I came home, I stretched someway weird and it caused the hernia to really really hurt. Like, a lot. Chris and I decided to make it a date night and we shared nachos that were amazing and some gelato.

By the way, is it even gelato if you don’t eat it with the baby spoon?? I didn’t think so.

After dinner/dessert (where I still maintained at my 1300ish calories I might add), I still had to do my mile. Chris asked me not to, but I’m stubborn and decided to do the mile at a 4mph pace to be safe. 15 minutes done. I needed rest.


Saturday I promised I would rest a lot. I tried but the house needed cleaning. I did my mile at 15mins again. I really wanted to do more, but my body would not let me.


Sunday I decided to still do just one mile at 15mins. I did not want to make things worse and will try more mileage today and see how I feel. Recovery from hernias are usually surgery and I can’t have that! Sunday was my MEAL PREP day. We started the day off with me making a big lunch before Chris went to work. I spiralized some carrots and sauteed them. I absolutely love my spiralizer. 

I also made walnut crusted lemon chicken. Chris liked it, I was just ok with it. However, I’m including the recipe here in case you’d like to try it. It’s Whole30 approved too if you don’t use the capers. I found it HERE at Wholesomelicious.

After he left for work, I got to work on my meal prep for the week.

This week’s WHAT’S MY SNACK (Thanks Chris Pratt for that phrase)

Breakfast: two eggs, potato, greek yogurt and two clementines

Lunch: Buffalo, Asian zing or Parmesan garlic chicken over caulirice with carrot and half an avocado.

Dinner: Guacamole burgers (Wholly guacamole is seriously good stuff!), with green peppers, asparagus, potato, and an apple.

It’s nice having everything prepped and ready to go! Failure to plan is planning to fail and I’m hitting this week running! Well, hopefully if my hernia is better. HA.



Since Chris was at work and I rested that night, there was no superbowl plans. But here’s what I thought about it anyways!


Sorry, it was a pretty boring weekend in bed.

Post some comments. I wanna know….

How was your weekend?

Did you watch the superbowl?

What did you meal prep for the week?



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