Wednesday WOD + What are Chakras?

Yesterday it was about 68 degrees outside! So rare for a February. I couldn’t pass up the chance to take Marvel to the park, so an outside run it was. We went to First Landing State Park.

I ran my 1 mile in 13:11 minutes and did 2 miles overall. Sticking to the Couch to 5k is hard when I want to run a little further, but I’m definitely wanting to follow the training exactly. Also, it’s funny the differences between outside running and treadmill running. I have a harder time outside, and my shins hurt. Whereas Chris has a harder time on the treadmill. I guess it’s good that I’m alternating which surface I use daily.

After the park, we went home to do the HIIT I posted yesterday. It was definitely a hard one and we took lots of breaks. Overall, it burned 315 calories in 20 minutes! Not bad! We hated every minute of it.

My Wednesday food was the normal meal prep for lunch and dinner, except I had cereal for breakfast. Product of waking up way later than I wanted to.


After working out and showering, we got down to some Bachelor watching time. We were SOOOO happy with who left. Chris especially. Also, Arie is sooooooo boring. ugh.


Meditation Topic of the week: WHAT ARE CHAKRAS

I realize chakras are a very controversial topic in today’s skeptical world. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to believe that they exist to realize there is energy all around us and inside of us. There have been times where something has made you extremely happy and a swell of energy has traveled up your body. You can’t deny that feeling, but what was it? Can it be measured? Focusing inward on certain energy points in the body to fix blocks is all chakras really are.

In early 2017 I realized I needed to change my outlook on life since I was in a very negative space. Working on meditation and focusing on different energy points in my body really made the changes I needed to. After all, a positive mind creates positive energy which manifests the positive outcomes you desire. Spiritually, most people believe this is true, but this is also the case through religious practice too. Prayer groups, for example, is focusing energy (prayer requests) into a blocked aspect in someone’s life to create change. I now find time to balance those energies I need in my life through meditation, yoga, prayer and positive energy. Essentially this is balancing my chakras. We all do it in our own way, whether you choose to believe in actual chakras or not.

Everything material and non-material is made of energy. The universal field of energy that surrounds and permeates all of existence contains light energy, healing energy and information energy. The human body possesses a system of meridian channels that run either from the feet up into the body or the hands down into the body carrying energy into seven areas where chakras exist for distribution of energy. Chakra is a term from ancient yogic Sanskrit language that means spinning wheel or disc. These 7 chakras of the body are spinning wheels of energy. Going up along the spine, they contain the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Each of the 7 chakras are associated with particular organs and systems of the body that vibrate energy.

Neither the meridians nor the chakras are a piece of the human’s anatomy that can be extracted and dissected and seen with the naked eye, yet their existence has been proven with the rise of Quantum Physics research. In particular, the existence has been proven largely through the research of such pioneers in the field of energy anatomy by Dr. Valerie Hunt from the USA and Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama from Japan. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor in Russia also studied chakras by creating a device that measures the bio-energy that all living organisms give off. This energy represented the different colored chakras and how much work we needed to put into them either mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Blocked energy can lead to illness and disease so it’s important to keep this energy flowing freely. I can attribute many of the issues in my life as a blocked chakra. So I’ll be starting a 7 week series on how to work on each chakra individually through mental, emotional and physical changes. Next Thursday, we will being with the Root chakra.


Post some comments. I wanna know…

What is your favorite park to run in?

Do you do meditations at all?

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