Wed WOD + My night out + 10 Random thoughts I had to share

Now that I’m blogging about my running, nutrition and everything else, I feel way more accountable to actually do everything since my life is under scrutiny. Unfortunately, I wanted to wake at 5am and do a 2-3 mile run and a HIIT workout, but 4 hours of restless sleep did not allow this for me. Sometimes your plan just doesn’t always work out, but that’s ok!

Wednesday WOD
Due to exhaustion, and being busy until 845pm, I did my run around 9pm and only did a mile at 13mins. womp womppppp.
Wednesday FOOD
Breakfast was simple and just a cup of oatmeal. I knew Chris was taking me out to eat later that night so I tried to save the bulk of my calories for that. Lunch was a cup of carrots dipped in my favorite whole 30 approved ranch dressing. You can get that recipe HERE chicken deli meat with some cheese and an apple. Dinner was a tuna poke bowl! mmm. 


After work, Chris and I caught up on The Bachelor. Yes, I love love love this show for the train wreck of it. Also, yes I have managed to get Chris hooked on it too and his commentary is always amusing. If you watch The Bachelor, I would love your thoughts. To sum up: I despise Krystal’s character on the show, and I’m a big fan of Bekah M; the young one. I mean, she’s a rock climber, what’s not to love! Plus she seems way more mature than anyone in that house. However, I think Becca K will be winning the show with Tia in second place. Calling it now! Chris’ notes for the night consisted of: Krystal is crazy and needs to go!!! I am paraphrasing as his version had many more curse words. HA
Chris treated me to a dinner out. He’s been working the late shift the last few nights so we went to Zekes and I had the ahi tuna poke bowls. These are basically my newest obsession. 
After dinner, we went to the Reiki and Wellness Center in VB for one of Trine’s (the owner) meditations. She does meditations on the night of the Full moon and New moon and just gives a run down of what to expect during that time and guides you through a relaxing meditation. Wednesday night’s was extra special because the Full moon was also a blue moon,blood moon and a lunar eclipse. One of my favorite places is her center. Something about it just relaxes you and makes you feel completely at home.

Now onto some ramblings I want to share from the past few days!
1. I started reading my February book, a little early. This month’s pick is Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. 
2. I love all my sparkling waters but tried this one at Target and I’m hooked. Chris said I need an IV hooked up to give me a constant refill of it. If something is watermelon flavored then give me ALL the things! Seriously.
3. Bucky has a cat pole with streamers on it. We played with it in the living room and Marvel went nuts for it. So, I ended up getting her a canine flirt pole from She is in love! 
4. There’s really nothing better than tiny clementines. I could eat these like candy!
5. Speaking of food, I made a new chicken dish. It’s Sweet and Sticky chicken. It was SO good, gluten free and definitely sticky. Next time I think I’ll make it using chicken breasts instead of drums and only use half the amount of Italian seasoning. You can get that recipe from Tiffany at Don’t Waste the Crumbs.
6. I have a huge celebrity crush on Chris Evans. However, I find it funny that a majority of my friends are well aware of this crush too. Do I really talk about him that much?
7. Since Chris has moved in, we have left each other cute little post-its around the house for the other to find. I left this one for him the other night.
So he then left this in return. Do I even get a choice? Can I write one in?? 
8. Marvel is SO weird. She has one of the most exuberant personalities I’ve ever seen in a dog. 
9. Chris mentioned he wanted to do a mud run with me, so I signed him up for Terrain Racing
You can get $5 off with code MUDRUN5
10. Jillian Michael’s posted this meme that really resonates with me when dieting. Anyone else feel the same?

Post some comments!

What are your thoughts on this seasons The Bachelor?

What book are you reading this month?

Who is your celebrity crush?


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