Tuesday’s BORING DAY + Hump Day HIIT

Day 2 of whole 30 hit me REALLY hard so I used this as a much needed rest day. After work, I came home and crashed for a bit then we watched the Bachelor. Down to the final 4!!! I picked the final 4 two weeks ago and was surprisingly right! I actually can’t wait for this season to be over so Paradise can come back. Always love some paradise!

Food was the same meal prep as Monday, and I only did one mile today. Took it easy and it was 15 minutes.

Also, Bucky has become quite obsessed with my coconut that I eat at lunch. He runs after the bag and begs for it. Very funny.

Got a hump day HIIT to try out. I’ll be doing this after work today and will report on it tomorrow. Let me know if you try it!


Post some comments. I wanna know…

Have you done any HIITs lately? What were they?


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