Thursday WOD + FLASHBACK FRIDAY to my top 3 favorite races

Yesterday was an easy “rest” day for me as I just did a mile (in 11:25mins) and relaxed at home. Doing this one mile or more a day for 365 obviously doesn’t give me any days off from working out so I have to rest somehow. Food was the normal meal preps I had.
Got a big weekend ahead!! It’s Chris’ 35th birthday so we are going out Saturday and Sunday for it. Also, I have a lot of meal prepping to do on Sunday as we are BOTH starting Whole 30 on Monday! Yep!! More on that next week.

Time for a Friday Flashback as I talk about my 3 favorite races.
3. The Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach in 2011.
This was my first race ever and very dear to my heart. I never really ran before that and definitely struggled with 4 miles, something that isn’t a problem now, thankfully. I felt the runners high immediately from how wonderful people were and the energy there. So much so that I ran the first two miles straight, which I had never been able to do during the training.
The end left me wanting to do many more races because of how fun it was. This race also taught me to NOT rest after a race, because then it’s hard to make it back to the car. LOL. This race taught me that I could do it and so much more.
2. The Dirty Girl 5K in Clarksburg, Maryland in 2015.
The Dirty Girl mud run supports Bright Pink, an organization to help aid the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer. I was on board the second I heard it was a mud/obstacle run, and that it was for WOMEN ONLY! Equipped with Lina (my best friend) to run it with me, we were pretty excited.
The day provided to be super packed, even though there were various waves to the event. It was so packed, that there really was no way to run the event. As soon as you got a trot going, you were stuck in line waiting to go through an obstacle.
Even with all the waiting in line (there was a lot of it), the event was super fun and I loved the obstacles. We had to slide down slides of mud, climb up rope ladders, climb over walls, crawl through mud, and mud, mud, mud. You could tell people really brought out their worst shoes possible as we kept seeing the soles of shoes just stuck in mud.
By the end of the event, I couldn’t even see where my clothes were against my skin. This event was just amazing with all the energy from the women. I would do this one again in a heartbeat!
1. And my favorite race ever is the Wicked 10K in Virginia Beach in 2015.
Not only was this race for Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, but the atmosphere of everyone getting into the costume spirit really makes this race special. The wait for this race made me feel like I was at a Comic Con. Everyone did so well with the costumes. I was Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black.
There were the usual costumes, Captain America, Superman, Star Wars, but some really managed to outdo themselves. I saw a team of people dressed as Mario Karts and they zoomed around the race bumping into each other.
I saw an impressive “UP” creation where the old man jogged and someone was actually inside the house and ran behind him.
There was a raptor costume that I’m sure was hard to run in.
However, the best costume was the group “Wizard of Oz” costume. There was an entire group to comprise the movie. They even had a house turn on it’s axle to simulated a tornado. It was crazy, and they won the contest for sure.
Not only were the costumes amazing, but the race proved to be exciting as well. The course was full of volunteers in costume. There was one part of the course where volunteers were zombies and just walking along the streets. They had fog coming from gutters and even had little kid zombies standing in the grates, attempting to grab runners.
I loved it! This race is definitely one I plan to do again.

Post some comments. I wanna know…

What was your favorite race?
Any weekend plans? 

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