Thursday WOD + The Ghost of My Running Past

Finally it’s Febuary! I feel like January was 74 days long or something. Also, January was basically a bunch of baby steps in my get up and go fitness. I spent a lot of it running just a mile each day. I’ll explain why below but now it’s time to step it up! Going for 60 miles this month since January was 45.5 miles. So, let’s do a quick recap of yesterdays WOD and food. 

I ran 3.3 miles with my 1 mile time being 10:27. Mon/Thur/Sat are my weight training days too so I went to the gym and did some workouts. I try to hit each upper body muscle group with 3 sets each. I also decided to join Rachel’s February challenge Supermans, Squats, and Twists. Today’s goal was 30 supermans which I really suck at. HA. Interested in her challenge? Find more about it at her blog Running on Happy.
Along with the supermans, I decided to also do this 10 minute HIIT that I plan on sticking with the next 4 weeks. Can we say February is gonna be a busy exercise month? This HIIT burned 100 calories in 10 minutes. 
Representing some Deadpool gym humor
Breakfast was 2 servings of oatmeal and 2 clementines. Lunch was my carrots, chicken deli meat with cheese, an apple and the Whole30 ranch I love so much. Dinner was a typical breakfast go to of 2 eggs, a red potato, hot sauce and whole30 ranch. I gave myself a little treat too. The Cadbury mini eggs are out! I repeat…the Cadbury mini eggs are out! Am I the only one excited? 

I wanted to discuss my running past some. You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been so let’s start at the beginning.
My hatred for running started in middle school. I was fine with all other physical fitness stuff except when it came to the running days. Every Friday we had a 1 mile challenge course where we had to run a mile with obstacles. Now a days, I pay money to do these kinds of things, but when I was 11 it just wasn’t happening. I loathed it and made sure I had an excuse to get out of doing it 80% of the time. I don’t have a picture of the challenge course, but feel the need to post a pic of me in middle school for context. This is me at 12, clearly with the preteen attitude already. 
This continued on through high school when the PE teacher would heckle anyone over a 10 min mile. Basically, if you were over 10 minutes you were labeled fat and lazy. Exactly what a teen wants to be told right? Here’s a picture of me in HS for giggles.
For most of my weight loss successes, I stuck to the elliptical machine and avoided the treadmill at all costs. PTSD of mile runs danced in my head whenever I saw one. Later I found spin classes and was hooked! I took spin so much that I decided to go through the teaching program so I could lead classes. However, the universe had other plans for me because as I trained for many hours, my tailbone decided to break; a causality from a previous spine fracture injury which caused my tailbone to sit lower than expected. I was out of spin commission for quite some time and not sure what to do. In 2010 I had an idea that I wanted to run my first race (I’m guessing I was drunk when I made this goal). I had 5 months to train for the Shamrock 8K. I would practice at the gym in the cinema cardio room and would just watch movies while running. It was growing on me! In March of 2011, I completed my very first race. I wasn’t entirely itching for more, but I also didn’t hate it. That’s a win! 
Shamrock 8k in 2011. My first race!
I went on to do a Warrior Dash mud run in 2012. That was a TON of fun.
Warrior Dash mud run in 2012
Warrior Dash mud run in 2012
Warrior Dash mud run in 2012


I did a Color Me Rad run in 2013, which if you haven’t done one, DO IT! Those are so much fun.
Color Me Rad run in 2013
Color Me Rad run in 2013
Color Me Rad run in 2013
However, I didn’t do another race again till 2015. 2015 was when I really started to love running. I basically craved it.
2014 was a very hard year for me. I had a major heartbreak, I had a change in my job that made it horrible for me, and I had to move in with my parent’s since my house was rented out for a year when I moved in with the ex thinking it would ever work. Due to all this stress, I had strep 4 times from Oct-Nov. It was so bad that I was told the tonsils were coming out in December no matter what. As a result, I decided a change was needed and I needed to work towards something. I made a plan to do 1 or more races a month for 2015. I trained through surgery recovery, bronchitis, injuries, you name it! I began to love running for the therapy of it. I ran for the scenery. My favorite trails were the Matteson and Nolan trail in Hampton/Newport News, VA. They were peaceful and meditative. 
Matteson Trail
Nolan Trail
Nolan Trail
Matteson Trail beauty
My favorite running trail
The races were fun too! Especially getting the race bling. Yep, I had become a race bling whore.
St Patty’s 5K in March 2015
Life’s a beach triathlon in June of 2015


Most of my races were 5ks, but I decided to do a women only half marathon in September that year. While training, I knew my foot was hurting a little. The result of not being fitted properly for my colorful Brooks shoes. I loved Brooks so much so I let it slide basically.
The shoes that broke my soul, I mean foot


What I didn’t really know was that my foot was littered with stress fractures along the 5th metatarsal. I proceeded to do the half marathon and on mile 9 I felt a snap in my foot and I collapsed from the pain. My foot was broken. My stubbornness and perseverance was not broken though and I finished the race, walking/limping. Now that was endorphins for sure!
Diva Half Marathon right after the foot break in Sept 2015
The next day I was unable to walk at all and went to the doctor where I did in fact break my foot. For two months, I had to stay in the dreaded boot. However, I also had my Oct, Nov and Dec races to run. With 3 months left of my goal, I didn’t want to quit. (See, I’m stubborn). 
Against doctor’s and my mom’s orders and anyone with any reasoning at all, I took the boot off to do my Oct race, and continued on for Nov and Dec. 
Wicked 10k in Oct 2015
I ended up finishing 2015 with 17 races total.
Finished with 17 races in 2015
Come January, my foot was affected by my poor choices big time. For all of 2016 and a good portion of 2017, my foot was in extreme pain to run on, jump on, or really do much with. Since 2015, I have only completed one 5K race, and my time/stamina was AWFUL. 
Fallen Heroes in September 2017
I’m now at a place where I don’t have the pain anymore and I’m able to run again. A change was needed. One reason I stuck to around 1 miles a day in January was to test the waters with my foot. No pain so far. Baby steps were needed for sure as I can’t just jump in and do 6 miles whenever I want again. Hopefully as the year progresses, I can get back to where I was with running and possibly progress even farther. I want to run 3 miles without stopping, I want to run a mile under 10 minutes.
Race in 2015. CAN’T STOP. WON’T STOP!
I want to complete a half marathon again and even do a full marathon. We’ll see what this year brings, but I know I’m ready. I can’t wait for the run therapy to begin again. I also can’t wait till it’s warmer and I can get back to my trail runs! Let’s face it, I’m a cold weathered wuss. 

Post some comments. I wanna know…
What seasonal candy is your favorite?
What event caused you to love running the most?
Are you doing any workout challenges this month? If so, what?

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