Race Announcement + Monday WOD + 13 Random thoughts from the past week

Well, I’m officially announcing it. I never thought I would do this again considering I broke my foot during the first one, but it’s time to get back on the horse. I just signed up for a half marathon in October. Will be doing the Crawling Crab Shell Challenge which is a 5k and Half Marathon. This gives me plenty of time to train properly and listen to my body and not force my foot too soon like the last one. To create some consistency in my running I decided to start the Couch to 5K program. While I am able to run much longer than the 5K program has, I still can’t do 3 miles without stopping to walk so I’m going to try this program for 8 weeks and then from there move on to half marathon training. Yippie!

Ok. Onto Monday matters.

Completely unable to wake at 5am to workout, I decided to do my run outside afterwork. For the Couch to 5K program of 3x a week, I’ll be doing those sessions outside and the remaining daily runs will be on my treadmill. That way I mix it up some. Plus, Marvel joined me for my run yesterday. It was her first time doing anything other than a walk with me. Usually she walks so close to my knee that I trip easily. However, with some magic maneuvering with the leash, we were able to run wonderfully. New running partner!!! Plus, being a German Shepherd, she gives me safety too! We did 1 mile in 13:11 mins and did 2.6 miles overall.

I’m assuming she isn’t looking at the camera because she’s on the watch for bad men near by. Or she hates taking pictures because I take a thousand. Whatever.

Monday food was my awesome Meal Prep from yesterday. It was great having everything done and ready to eat. SO easy.

13 Random thoughts from the past week….

1.  I try all the time to get pictures WITH Marvel. She doesn’t like the camera much, possibly due to the fact I always have it in her face taking photos. But this one turned out great I think.
2.  My dog is obsessed with apples. Does anyone else’s dog like them?
3.  I was the first causality with Bucky. I knew he hated me, this proves it.
4.  Did I mention clementines are ahhhhmazing??
5. These dark chocolate and honey candies from Trader Joes are so good. And Paleo!
6.  Chris likes cake. He also likes to send me pictures of his cake. This is how I feel about his cake pics. (gluten causes me to have itchy hives).
7. Marvel and Bucky are becoming even better friends after 3 weeks. The first week they met, I never imagined this happening!
8. Chris saw my comment about my hat needing an update, so he gave me one of his.
9. I’m having a hard time getting into this book. Hoping it picks up soon. Has good reviews, so I’m thinking it will.
10. On Saturday I had to do biometric blood testing for healthcare incentives at work. They offered me the flu shot and I thought of this.
11. Again, have I mentioned how weird Marvel is?
12. Last night Chris and I played Exploding Kittens again. I won again for like the 20th time. His reply was “This should really be called Exploding Chris'”. I like to think I have some good kitten exploding strategy. Oh, I’m sure he wants me to mention he won the last game. So that’s My 20….to his 2. We aren’t competitive at all! 😉
13. We started this new series (to us) over the weekend. Last Man on Earth. It’s hilarious!!! Bucky seems to like it too.
However, this got me thinking, and I saw this meme on facebook the other day, so I thought I would list mine. *Disclaimer: If I like a show, I commit to watching the entire thing, so this list is long. Plus Netflix gives the ability to binge watch things very easily. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
Full House

Family Matters
Roseanne (really glad this is coming back)
Saved by the Bell (Even the college years! I was dedicated)
3rd Rock from the Sun (this NEEDS to come back!)

Friends (this is all time favorite show)

Sex and the City (this show changed my life)
Lost (The ending made me mad)
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother (the ending also made me mad)
Breaking Bad (AMAZING)

Orange is the New Black
Fuller House
Jane the Virgin
Jessica jones

Sneaky Pete
13 Reasons Why (AMAZING)
Stranger Things (AMAZING)

Post some comments. I wanna know…
Do you have any races coming up? Which ones?
What shows have you watched the entire series?

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