Whenever I tell friends that I do lots of meditation I always seem to get weird looks. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding what you don’t know/understand. So, let’s get one thing straight. Meditation is ONLY focused breathing while thinking or clearing your mind entirely. That’s it! You breath all the time, so focusing on it shouldn’t be that big of a deal really. Sorry to disappoint. No voodoo stuff here.

I started meditation because I was severely stressed out and that stress was turning me into someone I wasn’t wanting to be. Daily practice turned my life completely around in 2017 and I attribute it to one of the reasons I attracted Chris into my life. Meditation can provide loads of benefits to include:
Stress relief
Lower blood pressure
Increased immunity
Brain development
Reduced anxiety
Focused goals and manifestation
and much more
Getting started with meditation
There are so many ways to meditate, but I’ll start off simple. My go to for anyone looking to begin is to either close your eyes OR focus on a candle flame. Take a deep breath and while doing so, say in your head: one, two, threeeeeeeee. Then let the breath out while saying in your head: one, two, threeeeeeee. This one, two, threeeee is basically your mantra to help you NOT think while meditating. Eventually, you can use mantras like OM, no mantra at all, or use the time to really reflect on something you’re needing to focus on.
A really great source for how to meditate is this website
I also really love Rebekah Borucki’s book You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life. It’s amazing and something I go to for a lot.
Weekly, I’ll be providing some meditation/mindfulness stuff that I’ll be sharing below. Hopefully a topic speaks to you and helps as well.