Let’s play catch up

Let’s play some catch up. Just what have I’ve been up to the month of January.

While I’m starting this blog now, I realized that I have been sticking to my goals for the year so far and thought I’d share just what I’ve been up to the last month. Oddly enough, it’s been pretty eventful!

I started my run a mile or more a day and plank a day for a year. I picked this running journal to write everything down in and it’s been really helpful. My time hasn’t been great since I’ve taken a lot of time off from consistent running (since 2015), but my hopes are that I will be under a 10 minute mile by the end of the year and that my plank will be over 2 minutes. The running and planks have proved to be hard already because I started the year off with a stomach bug and just been drained in general. FUN right? But, I’m running through everything as part of my goal. A mile is doable through everything, right? Let’s hope so. Side note: I really could use a new workout hat.


I started Whole 30 Round 2 on the 1st. Whole 30 is my go to when I’ve had a little too much gluten and need to detox. I’ll explain my allergies in a future post, but gluten causes me to have painful hives on my legs and hands. I also get swollen legs from it too, so avoiding it really needs to be a priority. Sadly this round only lasted two weeks. SO hard to stay on it!


Virginia Beach had a massive snow storm that dropped 13 inches of snow in a matter of hours. Snow in this area is a big deal because we aren’t equipped to handle it like most cold/snowy states. So, everything basically shuts down for a day or two (schools were out 5 days).

Chris and I made sure to make a funny video during. We are dorks, I know.


Around 11:30AM the power went out while it was still coming down. Since I was on Whole 30, you basically have to cook every meal and I didn’t have anything ready yet. Also, I had not completed my mile on my treadmill yet (seriously thank God for a treadmill in my house!!!!). The power wasn’t set to come back till around 7-8PM or even later, so Chris and I decided to go to a local pub for lunch. Instead of walking there, I decided to get my run in. Now that’s dedication!!


Unfortunately, while the pub was open, their truck never came so they had like 5 items on their menu, all gluten. So, my Whole 30 streak of 4 days was already done. And continued to be done for 2 days after because I just felt the need to eat ALL THE THINGS instead. haha. The rest of the snow day was playing with Marvel because she is the biggest fan of snow there ever was. If she could sleep in the snow she would. Now that it’s gone she’s pretty upset and is hoping for more. It ended up snowing two more times during the month, but nothing quite like this one.


Another exciting thing that happened so far is that Chris moved in with me! A big step for us, but also a much welcomed one for our future together. So far it’s been pretty seamless. The first night he got here I filled it with lots of fun in the way of Exploding Kittens. He was only slightly upset that I beat him 5 times in a row. Seriously a funny game if you haven’t played.


As far as my fitness, I’ve been really run down with Whole 30’s first week (more on what Whole 30 is later) and moving/cleaning/organizing for a move. I haven’t had a consistent gym routine, although I’ve gone a few times for some weight training and a class. I’m hoping to be much more productive in February. February is my new year re-do! Because that’s a thing, right?

Also in January, we got a KITTEN! Yep, the girl who has never really liked cats all that much got a kitty. We were looking at puppies and kittens and decided on a kitten since we weren’t ready to give up our life for a puppy just yet. I got out of that stage with Marvel just a year ago so I could use the break! We got a little 12 week Tabby cat at the SPCA and named him Bucky, from Captain America. He’s our little winter soldier.

We weren’t sure how Marvel would respond to him. At first, it was a lot of hissing on his part but now they are the bestest friends.


I have so many goals for 2018 it’s hard to keep up. Another one of my goals is to read one fiction book a month. I finished Dan Brown’s Origin book. I’ll provide my views on this in a future post.

Also in happy running news, I ran a 10:22 min mile! (Previous mileage was around the 12-14 min range). I ran the entire time, which hasn’t happened in quite a few years. It was 10pm at night, I wanted to go to bed, and I ran as fast as I could to get it over with. Maybe night time running is more my thing?

There was much more that happened, but minor details. I think everything is basically caught up!

Currently mileage for the month of January: 45.54 miles

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